How to Turn Your Videos Into Great Experiences

Isabelle Americano
Aug 12, 2016 · 15 min read

“Experience is something special. It’s all the rage at the moment, yet, we often talk about it as is if it’s a thing. But, as we know, deep down, the best things in life aren’t things, they’re experiences.”

The Walking Dead Demo Channel — used to test hypothesis.

With Izzui first channel’s launch we’ve achieved:

After playing a mission the user is — increasingly — more likely to play the next one.

It Works Like This

Mission Builder: Just Drag & Drop the desired elements to create a mission in a few steps.

You can address different goals

What I did

Product Management

Marketing & Sales

User Experience

Support & Customer Relations

User Interface Design

Here’s my process


Understanding the Context

The first version of the product: a learning tool inside Facebook.

Identifying the problems

And with every problem comes an opportunity

Challenge implemented on the second version — testing the interaction assumption.

The Product Pivot

Separating the key audience for each project & understanding their needs

User flow — creating a channel.
Mockups — creating a channel in less than 5 minutes.
Mockups — creating a channel from your mobile device!
Final User interface overview — missions, prizes, lists and interactions.

Analyze & Document

User Behavior Analysis — comparing contents and campaigns.

Relationship and the Early Adopters

Combining New Vision with the Existing Structure

Analysis of the current flow and studies for the new version.
User flows evolution between different versions.

The vision: mission centric

Flow & wireframes for the final user game structure.

New vision, new KPIs

The business model

Prioritize and set a new roadmap

Getting the new concept approved by the investors

One of the sales pitch developed.
Wireframes for the video crop feature implemented.

Sharing the Beta with the Stakeholders


Feedbacks & more tests

Product testing and Data Analysis.

Implementation & launch

Platform’s Analytics Mockup
‘Mission Builder’ — The interface to create missions.

It’s on

What went wrong and what I would do differently

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