Remember that day? When we first met? You’d just arrived at the monastery and were sitting at the big picnic table under the redwood tree eating… beans. That’s right beans, just beans. A little weird I thought but like, also sort of charming, you know? You didn’t give a shit what people thought. You never did and still don’t. I love that about you. {Beat.} Anyway, Jess and I came up from the dining hall and sat down right across from you. Immediately she says, Vanessa this is Nathan, you two are going to be friends. And just like that. We were. I remember looking up from my plate and into your eyes thinking, THIS is going to be trouble. And I could’ve sworn in that very moment as we held eye contact — your green and gold flecked eyes gazing confidently into mine that the same exact thought crossed your mind. Like: Ohh no. Here I am at a Buddhist-fucking-monastery and I’ll be living down the hall from the Greek god Adonis for three months. Celibacy? Yeah, right. Who is this beautiful creature who has just waltzed into my life? I have no idea how I made it through that meal. {Beat.} And now. You’re halfway across the world, Nate. You’re actually in Greece. You fulfilled your own prophecy. And here I am. Hopelessly. Unrelentingly. Disastrously. Totally and completely in love with you.

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