75 years later: Vel d’Hiv Roundup commemoration and the resurgence of new forms of antisemitism

If we don’t learn from the past, we are condemned to repeat it-until the lesson is learnt.

This morning, it was impossible to circulate around Bir Hakeim metro station. The stop was blocked and if you were on foot, it was also impossible to cross Bir Hakeim bridge. Coming from Dupleix quarter, you were not able to pass through the commemoration site that was guarded by militaries.

French President Macron was commemorating the anniversary of the Vel d’Hiv Roundup that happened 75 years ago, on July the 16th 1942, in the presence of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The good point is that the French president fully recognizes France’s responsability and guilt during this tragic episode of history, when 13 000 persons, men, women and children were sent to death in Auschwitz after a short transit via Drancy or Beaune-la Rolande and sometimes Pithiviers.

The bad point is that the French president also believes that Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas works in “favor of peace”- ironically, Abbas was welcomed just after honoring Holocaust survivor and former Minister Simone Veil . How come Mr Macron seriously believes that the man who stated that “he welcomed every drop of spilled blood in Jerusalem” and whose discourse on Arab media is far from being moderate regarding Islamic terror, is sincere? How is this possible?

New, worrying forms of antisemitism that are encouraged by brainwashing the French middle man.

Because of Israel’s defensive attitude against missiles shoot by its enemy neighbors, massive pro-Palestinian manifestations occured on July the 23rd, 2014. And these weren’t just “manifestations”. They were an escalation of anti- Jewish hatred with material consequences. Besides burning Israeli flags and cars, these people had the nerve to attack a synagogue located rue de la Roquette, at the intersection between the 11th and the 20th arrondissement.

As a protest to the hatred campaign against Israel, a pro Israel manifestation occured on July the 31st in Paris.

To the previous violence, a crowd of smiling and poised people opposed resistance with calm.

As an inhabitant of the French Capital, I have been witnessing shameless incitements to hatred against Israel by the French football federation. One day, I was passing by boulevard de Grenelle, in October 2015, and I saw people shouting loud hate slogans against Israel. I couldn’t help but give the lady who was encouraging this circus by haranging people walking in the streets, my thumbs down.

Another form of blatant antisemitism is the boycott of Israeli products by BDS. It strangely reminds stamping people with the yellow star during WWII. Hypocrisy is shaped in many forms.

The existence of antisemitic crimes in France is revolting

Sarah Halimi, a French Jewish woman living in Paris was brutally thrown out of the window of her apartment by some Muslim fanatic neighbor reciting verses from the Quran in the middle of the night.

Another Jewish man was attacked and stabbed savagely while walking out of the synagogue in the close outskirts of Paris. Here is another example of antisemitic behavior happening in Parisian transport.

While most of the attackers are usually Muslim, the French middle man often happens to be a hater of Israel. The French media keep distorting events and often present the “evil Israeli” as a “ colon” and an “oppressor” of the “ poor Palestinian”. Moreover, Israel is also wrongly depicted as an “apartheid state”.

Now, one says that a picture is worth thousand words. Now let me show you this. Tell me where the apartheid lies. Seriously!?

Well, I have been to Israel in April 2017. Each time I encountered a problem, it was due to Palestinians misbehaving, the most dangerous area being Damascus Gate. Here most of the Arabs show a strong hostility to the non-Muslims. They will also refuse, most of the time, to give you info or directions. On the other hand, I have also seen Arab Israelis who are very well integrated in society and who have a rather friendly attitude. I’ve seen people of all races and religions live and work together. So, before you speak of “apartheid”, fly to Israel, come and see by yourself. Maybe this would end the hatred-eventually realizing how much you have been lied to about Eretz Israel.

From the point of view of a believer in Yeshua

I am following Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, the Hebrew way. I believe in the truth of the revelations that the people of Israel received from HaShem. My beliefs are close to the beliefs of Messianic Jews and I am firmly convinced that Eretz Israel has been given to the children of Israel, because the Tanach says so.

The very existence of biblical episodes and the constant presence of Jewish people in Eretz Israel, despite their exile, is -by the way- also confirmed by history and archeology.

I’d also like to point out that, if you do have a Christian background, you should really heed people who are trying to erase and deny Jewish culture, because their will is to destroy your own culture that is intertwined with the history of Israel.

Without Israel, we would have no knowledge of the Divine. Therefore, no matter of we are Jewish or not, we should help preserve Israel’s precious heritage.

Let us remember the pogroms, the episodes of the Shoah, let us honor the survivors’ testimonies.

I do pray that this article brings many people to repentance. In Yeshua’s Name. Amen.

© Isabelle Esling,2017

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