Presentation of “An Encounter with Yeshua”

Hello, I am Isabelle Esling. Some of you probably heard of me, as I am quite popular as a writer, freelance journalist and blogger.

Today I would like to make a short presentation of my latest release entitled “An Encounter with Yeshua”.

I wrote “An Encounter with Yeshua” in times of hardship, while facing a difficult situation during which Yeshua our Messiah (Jesus of Nazareth) encountered my path and powerfully transformed my daily life.

It is my true testimony to the world that our Messiah is ALIVE.

My book is available on and amazon kindle.

The good news is also that I am offering the e-book to An Encounter with Yeshua FOR FREE on to all my readers.

I wish you all to be blessed by this read. Please be numerous to post your reviews and ratings.

Your grateful author,

Isabelle Esling