Why reflecting on death is a healthy and positive habit

Contrary to a common opinion, meditating on your own death is not a pernicious habit. Actually, it will bring you closer to life than you think.

Doesn’t this statement sound contradictory? Not at all. Let me explain why.

Accepting that our life is limited on earth

Whether you accept it or you are running away from it, you are going to meet your own death, sooner or later.

It is better to acknowledge its evidence.

Being aware of our own death and taking time to think about it instead of trying to evade it by any means because we are terrified will help you waste less time in your daily life.

Knowing that you were born to live during a limited frame time will actually raise the conscience that, because of its fragility, your life is PRECIOUS.

Enjoying life with more enthusiasm and intensity

The perspective of our future, physical death, allows us to reassess our priority. Being conscious that we are all just travelers on planet earth, will open the door to a better life quality.

Our life is LIMITED, this is a matter of fact, so why not make the best of it?

We have less time than we think, so it would be wise to really make the best of our life while we are present.


Let us apppreciate each day as if it was our last day (it might be- do not take tomorrow for granted.)

Let us walk in gratitude, be nice with each person that crosses our way.

Let us share whenever we can with the needy.

Let us forgive as much as we can. Holding grudge in the perspective of death is insane.

It is easier to accept death when you are a believer

Believing in God ( not having a vague hope that some superior Being might exist, but having faith in the Living God) will deliver you from the fear of death and separation.

I have been terrified by the perspective of death for years. It even deprived me of my sleep when I was an adolescent.

During my whole life, I tried to hide the perspective of death from my mind, using a few tricks that worked more or less well.

My encounter with Yeshua changed my whole vision of death. I am now delivered of all anguish because I know that my Savior lives.

Meeting my own fate is just a journey back home to Heaven.

What our Lord has done for me, He can do for you also.

While you are alive and breathing, it is never too late to accept Him as your Lord and Savior.

Anyway, remember to cherish your life and to make the most of it. Do not be afraid of departing, rather be afraid of not having lived.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling