I Was Raped by PandaPay Founder Charles Huang

isabelle green
Mar 15, 2018 · 6 min read

by Isabelle Green


“Charles graduated from MIT in 2013 with a degree in Materials Science & Electrical Engineering. Upon graduation, Charles began working at big data company Palantir Technologies as a member of the Forward Deployed Engineering team. He left to pursue building VPI’s first product, Charitweet, a social fundraising platform that launched successful campaigns with Fidelity Charitable, Water.org, and Pantene. Charles spearheaded VPI’s pivot to PandaPay in 2015 and has overseen its operation for the past two years.”

On October 7, 2017 PandaPay founder Charles Huang held me down in bed and raped me in Atlanta, GA. I repeatedly said no. I fought back. I told him I didn’t consent. His response was to say, “is that the look you make when you don’t want to have sex with someone?” A month prior he had physically assaulted me. I went public with my story in November on Facebook but omitted his name. Now, after several months, and after he recently stole several thousands of dollars from me, I’m ready to publicly name him and share my story to warn others about him. #MeToo

My Facebook posts reads:

On October 7, I was raped in Atlanta Georgia buy someone I once loved and trusted. I now feel none of those things towards this person.

I’m publicly sharing this story via social media because I have a strong desire to be heard and to be seen. I have decided to not go to the police, as I don’t believe I am still in any danger. None the less, I still want my story publicly heard and shared.

The evening before this horrific life event happened, this person and I decided we needed to take a break. One thing I made very clear was that I would not be having sex with him. I told him verbatim “I do not want to share my body with you this evening.”

We went out together, got dinner, then danced and went to bed. He tried to be sexually intimate with me but listened when I said stop that evening. In the morning I was feeling emotional, upset and hurt. I was about to hop into a car hours before my flight back to LA just to get away from him. I took a shower, calmed myself down and then came back to bed to try to sleep some more.

Then things got strange — This is when I wish I left.

He tried to cuddle with me, I told him I didn’t want to be touched. I told him I was hurt. I then caved to his pleads and cuddled with him anyway. He put his hand down my shirt and claimed he just wanted to feel my heart beat, but I made him pull his hand out. Then he started kissing me. I in no way shape or form reciprocated any form of affection or kissed back. I told him to stop and laid their stone cold waiting for him to get the hint. I did not move a muscle — I did not want to kiss him.

A moment later he said let’s have sex. I continued to say no. I did not say maybe, I did not say I’m not sure — I firmly stated “no I don’t want to”. He went for it anyway. He continued to kiss me on my lips my neck and my chest. Every time I tried to push hm off of me he held my wrists over my head. I tried to kick and move my legs but his lower body was holding them down.

At this point I still thought it would stop. I still thought he would never rape me. I thought he would come to his senses and realize that no matter how sensual or passionate he became, that I would not reciprocate. Sadly I was wrong.

He began to pull down my yoga pants. It was like a tug of war. He would pull them down and I would grab them and pull them up. He continued to hold down my wrists, every time He let go of one I would pull attempt to pull my pants back up. Suddenly both my wrists were locked over my head by one of his hands. There was nothing I could do to keep him from pulling down my pants — and my panties along with them.

I froze.

Have you ever watched a movie with an unexpected rape scene? Where all of a sudden you realize holy shit I’m about to watch a rape scene. That’s what that moment felt like. I realized that the man who I thought loved me dearly was about to rape me. In this moment I felt my entire insides collapse, I felt dead — I felt numb.

I tried again and again to get away. Unfortunately he is a 6'5 male. Strength and body mass were on his side. After trying to crawl my way out of arms reach multiple times I gave up. I wet numb. Every time I tried to get away he would bring my body back up against his.

I then watched him lick his hand, wet his dick and stick it inside me. I tried one more time to get away in the middle of this and again failed. I imagined myself outside of my body, I imagined myself anywhere but in my own body. I also had a vaginal bacterial infection at the time and every single pulse stung like alcohol on an open wound.

During the rape he said “is that the look you make when you don’t want to have sex with someone”

During the rape I repeatedly said “this is not okay, I don’t want to have sex with you, I did not consent.” He then replied with “well does that mean I’m raping you?”

I took a long pause and said no. I was terribly afraid of what would happen to me if I said yes.

But if I may point out — if you have to ask someone in the middle of sex “am I raping you” you should probably stop right then and there. In fact, you should stop when that thought first hits your brain.

I previously left this part out because of how disturbing it was for me, I’m now going to omit the terrible things he kept repeating before he came. Before he came he kept repeating “I’m going to come in you and get you pregnant,” “The next time I’m going to see you you’re going to be pregnant.” I continued to repeat “no” “no I don’t want that” “please don’t” and he continued to insist that that is what he wanted to do and what I wanted as well.

Fortunately he came to his senses, pulled out and came on himself.

After the rape, I experienced severe anxiety and panic attacks, depression, extremely low self esteem, suicidal thoughts and insomnia. I thought every day I was going to wake up from a terrible dream and my life was going to go back to normal. My self esteem plummeted and I couldn’t feel anything, I was incredibly numb. I was on Valium to calm my nerves and help me sleep. I missed exams, work and class quite regularly. I was like a puppy who would freak out when I was left alone.

Six months after the rape and I still get anxious when men with the same build as Charles get to close to me. I have an incredibly hard time being physically intimate with others. And I still feel very ashamed of myself. I still experience panic attacks a few times a month that are debilitating and the thought of going on a date or having sex is frightening.

Another Side of Charles Huang

Charles Huang, an MIT graduate advertises himself as a conscious yogi who adamantly practices kundalini yoga. He is charming, he is handsome, and he can just about talk his way into anything. Unfortunately, I saw another side of him that others need to be warned about.

Charles also has a drug addiction problem. I didn’t mention this in my original Facebook post but at the time Charles raped me he was coming down off of a cocaine binge. And I know he was fired from his first and only professional job at Palentir for drug usage inside of his company apartment he was living in in New York City.

Most recently, Charles stole several thousands of dollars from me. He owes his former PandaPay business partner and childhood friend over $12,000. He also owes thousands to another mutual friend of ours.

I’m more than pissed. I’m infuriated and I’m done. I’ve had enough and I’m no longer willing to let him get away with this. I’m publicly posting and sharing this article to expose Charles Huang for who he really is. I’m tired and unwilling to let him rape, beat, and steal from me. I’d like to tell the world what Charles Huang is capable of so no one else will ever have to endure what I have.

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