Devious DeeDee

You came into my life, for what I thought would be for a moment because when you arrived I was in my moment. You were there to tell me that it was okay, that we were the same and that I needed you to get through it. You told me it was normal and that it would wane. You told me it was temporary and when the sun rose we would part ways . So I welcomed you in. Allowed you to lay where my head rested. We laid across the bed, talked, shared my whole life and my pain to you. You then gracefully wrapped yourself around me, gave me a feeling of what I thought was comfort,whispered “you are me and I am you”in my ears as I fell in deep sleep.

Weeks passed and you were still here. Suddenly comfort manifested into discomfort, but somehow you’ve always managed to convince me that i needed you just a while longer… But as I felt the water reach my knees I realized that you have over stayed your welcome. I was sinking instead of floating. The dampness began to slow me down. Each step weakened me. You would watch me come out of bed with no strength in me and tell me to come back, that the world would never understand and only you did. I started to become aware of the fact that you haven’t comforted me but only used my weakness to cripple me and take control with your devious ways…..