Do you say what you feel?

Do do feel what you say?

Are you able to love?

Well let me answer that question for you.. You can’t.

You take advantage of the love that’s given to you,

manipulate the ones who have given you their souls

Say what you think is right to wheel them in

You might even begin to believe it because you’ve said it so much

But we both know it’s not the case

Then when you’re bored, you crush them

Not direct

But indirect

And that’s what’s worse

Instead of killing them softly,

You do it slowly

Don’t you get that the slower the the death the deeper the pain the longer the suffering

But at the end all you can say is

“ it wasn’t intentional”

And walk around without an ounce of guilt in your conscience

Until you meet The next

And start all over ……

Do you say what you feel

Do you feel what you say

Are you able to love

because this story has been told

By too many different souls

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