Why Achieving Balance is Smoking Hot BS
Marissa Loewen

I think this says a lot, “learn to just BE.” It seems these days people have forgotten how to simply be in the moment; we are either focused on the past or worried about the future that we forget to enjoy the now. When was the last time most us where simply in the present? Like sipping our morning coffee while watching the sunrise thinking of nothing else but the beauty of what was before us? Savoring each sip of our coffee, breathing in the coffees distinct aroma, listening to the songs of the birds, and genuinely seeing the sunrise?

Balance is a lie anyway. We may achieve balance for a moment, but it is always fleeting since we live in a world of constant change. Additionally, balance is an unhealthy state as anything in perfect balance is unchanging, which leads to stagnation, decay, and death. Yin and Yang, good and evil, light and dark, etc. are never in balance. Once balance is achieved, something invariably happens to upset that balance, throwing it out of balance once again.

The good guy finally catches the bad gay, but evil always has another bad guy waiting in the wings. Light and dark achieve balance but twice a year, before one or the other overtakes the other. It is safe to say that unbalance is the natural order of the universe…not balance.

The key to these philosophies isn’t balance, but rather the struggle or journey one must go through in an effort to obtain that ever elusive balance. Balance may be the ultimate goal, but it is the journey one takes in an attempt to reach that balance that is the key…just like life.