No hate or hate to Not

We hate, we trash, we do not like and we dispite. Mabey this time just let it be…

The fear of being alone; before the social media we where alone in our room, with music, art, cats, dogs, plants, mom, food, pijmas, books, etc… now we are not? we have acces to more information than we could ever wish to have and we, now, desier it constantly. And it is fun and it is ok, the world does change. Humans have always have the gift of understanding, procesing and using information for what ever the choose to do. We have a new responsability we can either fuck it like we did news pappers and tv or use it for good, steel money if you want, money is just money, make us think the world will end every time the stars shine bright we do not let things go, we feel we have the god given duty to point out the evil inside things when is the oposity we need to be good, stop getting angry stop hating no matter what not your position

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