Haircut! oh and two months!


This is a picture I feel really sums me up and my time here and how I feel. Pretty much as happy as I was when I went to Oslo and hugged this giant bronze tiger.

I have amazing Friends and I really try to enjoy every day here. I mean I only have to try sometimes. Most of the time it’s just natural. It’s amazing to learn another language because when you finally start to understand and can answer it is a strange feeling. sometimes I find myself automatically constructing Norwegian answers and sentences in my head; even when I have been speaking English. I talk to myself a lot now in Norwegian and I have to talk to animals in Norwegians because of course thats all they understand.

As I continue through this life I come across things that I now realise are the reason I’m here. I never really had a solid reason for choosing Norway, I mean there was snow here and thats all I really thought about. But when I come across all the media and look back on artists I loved when I was younger they are all norwegian … Subliminal messaging is a hell of a thing.

Troll hunter the movie (i thought it was sweedish, oh god did I get hell for that.) What does the fox say!? and yeah … Norwegians are really that weird. It is no longer a mystery to me that they came up with that.

Also just as a side note … I just remembered those clothes … and how much I want to wear them …?

I don’t know what to say about this experience apart from I feel so truly blessed and I am enjoying the challenge that it brings with it. I am most greatful for the opportunity to meet and really connect with a host of students from all over the world.

It really took leaving the Island that I had lived on all my life to realise that it is exactly that … and Island. It was my whole world, I thought It was giant, I thought It was giant never ending and all important. But it is an Island … in the south pacific that everyone either doesnt realise exists or believes is part of Australia. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me the opportunity to see it from the outside and for what it is. I still love it. I’m proud of it as my country but I now have a different view.

Today …

What is amazing at the moment is the weather. From this picture when I got here the landscape has completely changed! I don’t yet have a picture of it because the sunlight hours are really hard to work around. I’m going to school in the dark (sunrise is 8:30) I thought I knew what fall was until I came here and nearly all the trees turn orange and there are leaves everywhere and its cold as shit. like I totally underestimated the cold … I think i’m going to die here. At the moment it’s the weird limbo days between the beginning of fall and their christmas preperations. The Norwegians feel very strongly about christmas and tradition in general.

As far as today went, It was good. I was given a history test in class that I obviously knew nothing about so I just wrote him an apology letter in Norwegian (because I can do that) granted I spend 30 minutes writing the a4 page but Istill did it! He was kind of annoyed with me but what did he expect? I haven’t know what he has been sayin this whole time.

Another class that annoyed me today was Media. I hate this class but I stayed because for the most part the teacher leaves me alone and I can do my own thing. Always a bonus. But today we started another group project and I was put in a group with people I hate. I mean not hard when you basically hate all of the people in the class. (don’t worry I’m still nice and polite to all of them.) apart from when this stuck up bitch decided to talk shit about me right in front of me in Norwegian because she thought I didn’t understand. Boy did she get a fright when I answered her sarcastic ass rhetorical question … in Norwegian no less. It was honestly so satifying.

Today I also got a Haircut. I kept getting it stuck in car doors and under my backpack and in zippers and really just everywhere and after all the damage of dying it was much needed. The lady in the salon was amazed at how much I had and how thick it was and how different from Scandinavian hair it was. I though it was crack up as i listened to her ramble on about it to Bente in Norwegian.

I know this is a long post and for some reason I have been sitting in my room which I keep at a nice sub tropical temperature for a few hours writing it. No one was home so it was fine. The hours just passed so quickly.

Anyway!!! I hope youre all doing well. Wade informed me of some russia ships passing by us today but thats pretty much the only contact I have had with home. Oh and the obligatory snap chatting with Enni. We have a streak now.

Hope you slept well and have a great day! love you so much!! xx

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