Praise and Creativity

I believe that praise is necessary when children are younger to encourage them to be creative. Praise can be good, but if to much praise is given, children come to expect to be praised for everything they do and may not continue to be creative once the continuous praise stops in adulthood. If children only receive praise, they may not learn how to critique their work or cope with negative feedback. I believe parents should give their children some praise, but also give them things they could work on to do better. People rarely receive praise in adulthood, which may halt their creativity process. They should learn how to be creative without relying on other people to tell them they did well. I would suggest using positive encouragement over praise. Encouragement makes people happier and can help get rid of negative thoughts. When I have a bad day, praise is not going to help me be creative because I would discount everything that is said. Reading some positive encouragement makes me feel better, helps me to focus on what I am trying to do, and allows me to be more creative. Praise can promote creativity, but it should not be the only thing that is relied upon or creativity may be crushed from lack of praise.

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