Essay 2

It is not an understatement to say that teachers make quite an impression when it comes to the lives of students. The assumptions are made that teachers only help students achieve on their academic, though it is fair to say that many teachers do more than expected to see students succeed and are committed to their well being regardless if it is inside or outside of their classroom. The amount of commitment that teachers invest on students can display itself when they are aware that there is more than just academic issues, personal troubles come along with it and they are the support of their students.This brings along the question of how much can a teacher influence and make an impact on students. The different things that teachers do, can make a long lasting influential impression with the students.

Many teachers are highly trusted among students to help make an influence on certain decisions. Teachers tend to come second after their parents when it come to who are the ones that impact them solely. With that being said it is understandable why teachers are trusted and why students open up to them to begin with. It was said in the article Teachers Change Lives, “ Inspiring students is integral to ensuring their success and encouraging them to fulfil their potential. Students who are inspired by their teachers can accomplish amazing things, and that motivation almost always stays with them “ (2017). This goes to show how teachers are essential when they choose to encourage their students to do the very best they can, so that they can go off to succeed. When students are aware that teachers motivate them it can intrigue them to prove to themselves and other that they really can do the best of their abilities, like the teacher said, and continue on doing that. A women by the name of Ella expresses how her teacher was able to break through high school because of her teacher,” I’m convinced that the support I got from Susan got me through high school. Two years later, when I was freaked out about transferring colleges, I, without hesitation, called her for advice. She made me feel comfortable and challenged me to speak up and be confident with expressing myself as a student ” (Crivello). This itself conveys that with the help of a teacher, she was able to become more comfortable and was influenced to stand up for who she is as a student. Demonstrating themselves to their teachers can impact the decisions they choose to make, due to them wanting to prove that they can accomplish great things.

The expectations that teachers can have for their students can definitely effect the way that they choose to portray things to the best of their abilities. When they are aware that teachers expect students to do well and know they they can achieve so much, it can lead to students gaining confidence and wanting to prove themselves to others. The article How Teachers Impact Your Child’s Life, demonstrates the way that the expectations that teachers have make a difference in the students. It say, “ Good teachers that believe their students can achieve great things interact with them in different ways to encourage improvement and actually motivate them to hit higher goals. It turns out that positive behavior from teachers who have higher expectations influence students to perform better. “ Teacher who will do more than simply discussing things concerning academics, can motivate the students to want to achieve more along with setting higher goals for themselves. According to the source, when teachers demonstrate a definite behavior it can sway them to execute much better. Throughout a Tedblog article many people commented ways that teacher personally made an impact on them. It went on by a woman saying, “He[teacher] was the first person to make me take ownership of what it meant to be a citizen and the social responsibility that came with that” ( Kelly). Having someone that could mold students perception and make them think outside the box is what really makes a difference in their lives.When they have some who truly believes they could accomplish more than they believe, they have complete confidence they could achieve that and more with support.

The importance of a teacher’s dedication among their students is so powerful that it could change their lives and sway decision that could be life changing. Teachers not only make sure that they can become academically successful, but also care for them outside of in class aspects. When students become aware that their teacher have an interest in them, it makes a change in the way that they choose to do things. It can lead to the attempt of raising the stakes and achieving things that their teachers believe they could do. With the drive that teachers give the students, it makes them want to try that much harder to prove to themselves as well to the teacher that with their support they really can accomplish what they want. What is needed is just a push of motivation and interest. When teachers choose to inspire, it can stick to the students for so long that their opinion can effect the decisions that the students can choose to make. It all portrays the ways that teachers truly make a difference in their lives.


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