Early morning. Sunrises. Reflection. Full circle — I ask myself. Where have I been out of alignment…out of my in integrity? Finances. Relationships. Work. School. What is it that I am still tolerating? Indeciveness. Lack of clarity. The Gap? Standing and speaking my truth. Isn’t it quite so that we often compromise? I think so. We think we are not worthy of more so we settle. And what am I still feeling not worthy of? What am I resisting? Lost of control.

What I am here for? My purpose? I am not here to settle. Ask permission. Please. Tempt. I am here to create. Love. Respect. Trust. Surrender. Be.

What else? Experiences compounded can torment us..if we allow it.

Breakthrough. I let go of my ego and my thrist to know. Let go. Let go. Let go. And continue to let go. Realizing that when I connect to my core, my source, my certainty — I can connect to my higher self (my higher being) and not projections of myself. And allow my higher self to connect to theirs — in this space, we elevate. We may then transcend.

What sets ourselves different from the past or merely two seconds ago is our ability to choose. And I choose peace.

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