The Count of Monte Cristo & the Monte Cristo Sandwhich: A Complex Relationship? ( Sample)

Isabel Chi
May 6, 2019 · 1 min read

The Count of Monte Cristo was forced upon me at a young age along with my fellow classmates, and was, what seemed to us at the time, a tome compared to the previous novels we had been directed to dissect at the time.

However, we were fed pieces of the novel as it had been released at the time of its writing: piece by piece and leaving us hungry for more. The details that seemed most unnecessary to my peers are what made me excited to read the book.

The wedding feast in particular with its delectable descriptions of both countenance and fare were a treat for me.

The Monte Cristo sandwich is widely believed to be an adaptation of the croque monsieur a French sandwich.

To be quite honest, to compare “The Count of Monte Cristo” to the Monte Cristo sandwich is quite a stretch. I will attempt to draw a parallel between the fact that the Monte Cristo sandwich was inspired by the French original and “The Count of Monte Cristo” was inspired by another French piece of writing, supposedly non-fiction the “True Stories” of police archivist Jacques Peuchet.

Both variations on something French, but quite possibly as unrelated as any two things on this earth. Hopefully though, this article has been a brief but tolerable piece of writing that has demonstrated the seamless visual of including content from books and Wikipedia from

Thanks for tuning in!

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