Lurn Summit Recap

I just finished organizing the notes I took at the Lurn Summit event this weekend.

In case you haven’t heard about it, the Lurn Summit was a live event for online entrepreneurs. It provided 16 Hours of Training from Industry Titans to Have Your Business Up & Running Fast.

Check out my Lurn Summit Recap to know what was all about. It’s important to stay on the cutting edge of what’s working right now for online businesses.

The recap covers:

- Summary of all talks:

  1. Online business models.
  2. Lurn’s recommended online business.
  3. Funnel-creation process & tools.
  4. Top notch tactics and tools in email marketing.
  5. The copywriting formula.
  6. Methods to gain traffic (free & paid).
  7. Traffic through Email Media.
  8. Traffic through Facebook Ads.

- Summary of some books, tools and courses that were highly recommended by Anik Singal and his guests.

In today’s world, there is an overwhelming volume of information. Many times, the hardest part is to find the proper concepts we must dive in. The Lurn Summit provided a nice framework to guide everyone to a working online business.

Stay ahead and informed. Enjoy the recap.