The Creative Process:

Using Ideation to Develop Plans for an Effective Mapping System

During the evening of March 31, 2017, My group members and I had a discussion about what enhancements to make with the public transportation system. Specifically, our goal was to create a mapping device that provides divers of many public transit vehicles (i.e. buses) with the best results of finding quick, safe and reliable routes. In this case, our group was concerned about the situations in which an accident occurs on a highway that may cause a bus driver to slow down and end up being in a crowd of traffic.

Depiction of how an accident would cause traffic and delay the bus driver’s (red rectangular vehicle) schedule.

How do we avoid an accident and traffic situation? 
By reaching our goal, we began to brainstorm as many ideas as we can which is known as the process Ideation. When our group was brainstorming, we started to think of ways that could help the bus driver using the system such as the simplicity of the device, the amount of options available and other key features. Once our group agreed upon using certain ideas, we developed a flow chart of how the bus driver would navigate through the options. We thought it would be best that the bus driver would start with the main system menu to know where the options are. From there, it would give the bus driver three route options which include the regular/normal way, detour path, and other/special directions to narrow down the driver’s choices quickly. Once the bus driver chooses a way, the system will begin to map out the route while simultaneously giving the driver instructions orally of how to stay on a particular path.

Flow chart of the navigation options of the system.
Depiction of choosing a particular route (in this case ‘Detour’ route was chosen).

Ideation at it’s finest
Ideation, without a doubt, is an excellent way to begin creating an individual project. Despite its time and difficulty coming up with ideas, it was fun and satisfying to see what ideas came up. It’s great being able to share something in class without being judged based on whether an idea is right or wrong. I found it especially enjoyable and surprising that most of us in our group had come up with similar ideas such as having about three different route options to make it easy for the bus driver to find the best way.

Further applications and limitations of Ideation
The amount of coming up with many ideas to use in everyday situations are limitless. Whether I’m trying to find ways to cook up a spicy meal or developing a technology we use, I can come up with as many ideas as I can to reach my goal. Although there is “technically” no limitation to using this process, the only limitation that I can think off the top of my head would be the amount of time it takes to brainstorm the ideas. With limited time, it can difficult to come up with several different ideas all at once. But, that doesn’t stop me from trying to come up with ideas.

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