Pushing myself

It’s always going to be hard, I think I’m just realising that now. As often as I keep trying to make systems for myself to follow in the week, all it takes is one afternoon, one day in the week that can throw the whole week into chaos and I find myself completely off-track with whatever I set out to do.

I’ve been trying, as a musician, as a digital marketing freelancer, to find the structure in my weeks for constant writing and the OPTIMAL work-flow whom which magical songs will be written and amazing marketing plans will be created. But alas, every week is different. I try to read through articles (on Medium now, lol, I’ve limited all my article reading to Medium now as grabbing all these articles from different parts of the web have left me with 1,000+ tabs on Chrome, and I end up never reading them) that will provide me with the kick in the butt I need to just find that constant flow.

But maybe I just need to write and just get it over with and slowly but surely (I don’t know why I never thought to calm myself with these words as I am now) I will get there, I will find some sort of “structure” for me to organize work, music and my creative outlets (maybe I’ll even get to go to the gym 6x instead of 4….).

That’s all I have for now. I’m writing now just for me to get started again. Yet again, always again. I guess I need to be okay with always starting over again. I mean…even days of the week start over again so why do I always have to freak out if I’m always starting over?