Safety Labs inventor of SafetyAnchor was formed in December 2012 and is located in New York, Ottawa and New Delhi.

Deeply moved by the tragic gang rape incident in New Delhi , founder Sanjay Chadha to an idea which make our world a safer place. The idea lead to the birth of SafetyAnchor. Sanjay called upon Tim Meyer and Yash Talreja veterans of the industry, both were sold on the idea and joined the team.

SafetyAnchor uses the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Crowd sourcing, Social Media and wireless internet to create a worldwide community where people protect each other.

SafetyAnchor a personal alarm system, protects children when in danger, senior citizens in an emergency is the most cost effective and comprehensive mPers (Mobile Personal Emergency Response System) system available today.

In addition for daily convenience, SafetyAnchor is a perfect Lost and Found system (similar to The Tile App and StickNFind) and enables people to find their missing keys. It protects your smart phone from being stolen and helps find your smart phone.