Aug 12 · 1 min read

I actually had a friend offering me breast implants while I was breastfeeding: “You know you WILL have to put breast implants after you stop with THAT, right?”. I answered that was no way I’d waste money on that and she said she could pay it for them. Of course, after that I had to say just “ok, i just dont want it”.

And in Brazil, everyone has them, as if it was mandatory to remain with 18 yo boobs forever.

I’ve never loved my boobs either, but it’s what you are saying, boobs are different and not that important (except for babies and I’m sure I’m still able to breastfeed) so fuck whoever send these superficial stupid messages to us.

I love reading you, has been doing it for a while. Thanks =)


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    Perdida entre a felicidade e a verdade.

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