Writing Workshop Template


- I wake up from a weird dream about Italy. And try to remember what it was about. My memory is hazy, but I don’t get up until I remember.

- Describe the dream. I was walking through the streets of Florence, but my own version of it. People form my life and past were surrounding me. It wasn’t the same place, and for the firs time there I felt like an outsider.

- When I finish remembering I start to cry.

- I get out of bed and walk to the kitchen. Get a cup of coffee and smoke a cigarette in the balcony.

- Describe what I see and what I feel.

- Someone knocks on the door. It’s 7:15 a. m. on a Saturday and I wonder who it may be. The house is empty.

- I look through the glass in the front door, and recognize the silhouette of a man. Someone from the past. A ghost almost

- Slowly walk towards the door and reluctantly open it after examining all the possibilities.

- All of a sudden I’m not sure of anything. My past and my present seem hazy. I don’t know what I want; I don’t know what will happen.

- After a panic attack I realize I have made this person wait almost 7 minutes and open the door.

- A mixture of feelings takes over my body; both disappointment and relief.

- I realize then what it is I truly want, and what I don’t. I open the door and our eyes meet. As if it was the first time.

I wake up to a bed and a body filled with sweat. I’m not startled. My body doesn’t begin to tense until I realize the reason I woke up so early. There’s something bothering me, but I’m not exactly sure what. I try to remember exactly what the dream was about. I was definitely in Florence, but it was a different Florence. It was the Florence that lived in my subconscious. And I’m not sure if I like it. The streets look different, and all of a sudden I am lost inside a city I once called home. I begin to recognize faces as I try to find the Duomo. I recognize faces that should not be in this city. I recognize the past I was trying to run away from when I first came here. And then, I begin to panic.

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