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Adding small Apple features to Windows

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So, I very much love my Windows / Linux laptop but there are some features I really adore about apple. Aside from the subtle yet beautiful user interface design and animation apple so elegantly composes into its OS and apps there is something much much more that I really enjoy about it. So in my attempt to broaden my code bases and provide Windows users some relief with features that have been done right by other OS. I started on tackling a feature that Apple users take for granted which is the ability to select one or more files and create a “New Folder with Items”.

Now, it is important to state I could have dived into an number of different languages to execute this project, but before I started I began asking myself some important questions. How can I make this project scale able, and how can get it to work on a cross multiple machines without having to download other software packages. That’s when it hit me CMD (command line)!

Working with the command line is excellent and very powerful after all it’s what the OS is built on. If you take that knowledge, and apply it with the flexibility of batch scripts you get a winning combination.

Needless, if your a Windows user and not interesting in working with the command line I will without further ado present the code necessary to make this all work, but continue to read further on how to create a batch script file.

It’s important to add that this is a beta version I am working on implementing more functionality, but the basic function works.

How to create a batch file

Creating a batch file is incredibly easy and painless. Let start off by creating a textfile (.txt) by opening up NotePad.

Then, we will copy and paste the code from the link above.

After, we will File > Save As and change the extension from *.txt to [batchname].bat.

And that is it!

What can I do with this?

With this batch file you can drag and drop files onto it to create a new folder named “New Folder with Items”. The files will automatically be moved to the file as well.

How can I add it to my Right Click (Context Menu)?

Now with the batch file completed you can add this your “Context Menu” under “Send To”.

Open up your File Explorer and navigate to :


Drag and Drop the batch file in there and your done!

What is next on my agenda?

After, completing all the functionality of this batch and relaunching it ( I will post it in my next article) I would like to start find ways of adding it to the Context Menu (main panel), and research other types of features I can implement into Windows relatively easy

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