Late night thoughts

Can’t sleep so why not write

I’ve been on this for awhile now, I’ve had many people ask how is it to be back home. I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. It’s surreal, feels weird and it still doesn’t feel like I’ve moved. Like my move to Dallas. It was fast and practically unplanned. My move back to Wichita Falls was fast and partially planned. The thought I’ve taken away from this is so cliche but everything happens for a reason.

High horse

I think without realizing it I became cocky and thought I knew what the hell I was doing. I don’t. Still don’t. I now know that I needed my self to get in check and it happened. It happened fast and it hit hard. I took a lot away from the experience. Not just the experience of being in Dallas/Fort Worth but life experiences. I learned what I want in a relationship, learned what I want in a career. Learned that you have to be in the trenches. Learned that I’m not going to be the best at everything that’s handed to me.

What’s next?

No clue. I’m excited though, I’ve started to hardly grasp the idea that I may be back in Wichita for awhile. The city that I said I’d never move back to, sucked me back in. It’s an insane idea but I think my impact from moving back won’t only be felt amongst my friends and new life experiences but will affect a community that hopefully surpasses my stay in this community. I believe that life can sometimes throw a small rock on the path called life, those small rocks are a small jump. The mountains on the other hand, there is something amazing on the other side. I’ve hardly been able to climb up yet, but I think soon that long trike up the mountain will become a sprint to the peak.

Wrap up

Again, this is late night thoughts. No agenda, not really a care as to if this makes sense to you. I honestly don’t care. This is more therapeutic for myself. Idk how to really end this…so bye!

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