The first

This entire blog or posts or whatever this is, is going to be a bit selfish for some. Most if not all will be about me. I’m seeing this website as a creative outlet to express my views and opinions. I’m sure it’s also cheaper than professional help. Which brings me to my first realization.

Everyone is selfish.

It’s as simple as that. Everyone is selfish. No matter how you’re trying to better yourself. If it’s a career or relationship. You’re a selfish person. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I wish someone would have told me before the person that told me did. I think personally I would have handled it a lot differently than I did. The reason I think this is you can bend over backwards for people and they won’t bat an eye. I think this is because they aren’t looking at what you’re doing they are looking at themselves. Which is ok! I think it’s human nature, When you can call yourself the most selfless person to walk this earth, look back at the people you stepped on and the people that let you take that step on them. Congrats you’ve made it to the top but look at the trail that got you there. I hate the saying and was told it many times as I was moving away from Wichita Falls. “Don’t forget about us” I hate it because I do want to forget about you. The same people that I want to forget were the people that pushed me to bigger and better things. Bigger and better failed to mention it won’t be easy it isn’t an easy ride to the top, but it’s worth it.