Almost is never enough

We were so close

Id like to say we gave it a try, but in the end I blame everything on life. I can deny it as much as I want, but in the end nothing will change, I cant accept what ive lost, what ive yearned for, to love and be loved in a special way. All this money cant buy me a time machine, I could spend it all, but inside I would still be empty, if only I could change the world overnight, there would be no such things as goodbyes, everyone would get the second chance they deserve.

I cried enough tears to see my reflection in them, now I cant deny that I really miss you. I know youre not far, but I still cant handle the distance, here in my heart I carry you with me everywhere I go, I hope when I cross your mind, know that what we had was worth fighting for. I thought we knew what we were doing, I thought we knew what love was, but we didnt did we?

The worst feeling in the world for me is not being lonely, but having to love someone so much that you dont want to anymore, an exhausting loophole. I guess im not the kind if person thats supposed to live alone, in the end I tire, as I lay in my bed, swarmed with thoughts that eat me away.

You were my everything, I hope this is not seen by a pathetic and desperate attempt to bring back whats has passed, but you really were.

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