Elusive Happiness

It never stays in place

Ive thought about happiness, merely a subjective word that is believe to be the result of a biochemical process involving endorphins, dopamine and serotonin. “So there is a chemical way of acquiring happiness?” I asked myself, maybe I could get these hormones injected in me and id be happy in days, maybe even weeks, months or years, but theres also heroin, and it doesnt really help much does it?

Each mind has its own way of keeping itself up and running, its own way to keep its sail steady and its deck afloat, they have their own principles to follow, and their cycles and routines, funny how that system can be put out of whack with the simplest of things.

Inquisitiveness is both my weakness and advantage, I like to ask why, because, why not? In this vast world of ours, there is alot we are yet to discover, not to mention the every expanding universe we exist in. Personally it is a curse, knowing that there are things I will never know, maybe the key to happiness is to ask less, in that way you dont need to find more answers, but where is the fun in that? There are many roads that lead to happiness, but each road is different for each person, meaning that if this road led a person to find happiness, chances are the case would not be the same for a different person. It is true what they say, you can never be happy unless you decide to be, I guess everyone just needs to find their own road, even if it meant losing opportunities or people, sadly the road is never as smooth as asphalt.

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