Its so freaking cold

Parang siya…

Jk, its been 4 days now, due to the storm classes have been suspended for 2 days, havent really done much within those 4 days, which is kinda disappointing, wasted time, plus theres no water, no water at all, how the heck am i going to take a freaking shower, and we already ran out of clean plates… they said theres gonna be water by tomorrow, hopefully, pero masakit umasa, Ironically we dont have water yet water is falling from the sky, hehe, its alot colder than i anticipated though, personally im all about the cold and all, but heck, its freezing! Needed a jacket and a blanket to sleep last night, still got nothing to do though, ive just been sitting around, playing, watching, repetitive stuff, i actually wish there was school but then i remember that means seeing people, the hell am i going to do now, with this convoluted rain suspensions arent really enjoyable.

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