Restless Emotions

A gruesome half week

So far this week has been…something.

Happiness — this was around monday, seen as the most terrible day of the week, has been my happiest, the reason why? Ill keep that for myself.

Nervousness —Well this HAS been part of my daily life, we had to sing, in front of the class, which for me is pretty damn scary. And I believe I sounded terrible that day, its shall be on of the memories that will make me go “WHY THE HELL DID I DO THAT” at the middle of the night.

Fear — Of not doing something im supposed to and losing something I shouldnt.

Anger — One of the things I hate is work, what do I hate more than work? A.BUTT.LOAD.OF.WORK. Its utterly terrible, dreadful,unexciting, and generally a pain in the cranium.

Sadness — An old friend of mine, a friend I know all too well, well its still because of the same problems. Unrequited at its finest, hurts like hell…but hey, I cant complain im good with what we have now. Ive always thought about it, every single day, and every single day I tell myself: “You cant force other people to love you, instead, show them that you are worth loving” life sucks sometimes.

Nothing — This is something I really cant explain, these moments where I just realize that im in school. Its literally nothing, at this stage I find everything meaningless, every word, every action, every activity, everything, all so pointless.

This has been a good week so far, and thanks to a certain person, and considering its only halfway through the week, im pretty sure something bad will happen, it always does.

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