Still stuck in the same hole

But thats ok.

*sigh* i always seem to get that feeling of emptiness, whenever i find myself alone it seems i am and will always be, asking anything from anyone now is a gamble, now it seems like trusting people in the past was a waste and a terrible decision, itd be a miracle to find anyone in the same hole with me, maybe thats what i need? Someone to lean on? certainly a guy like me can live without one right? I can try, i have to, nothings wrong, but nothing feels right, yea i can smile, fake it, piece of cake, then what? Go back home, play a game or two, then sleep, wish it could all change, live a different life with different people, a brother that actually talks to you, parents that asks you how your day went, a sister that isnt always at work, friends that last, is it too much? I guess it is, but ill gladly take it.

I have a roof above my head, I can eat whenever i want to, we can play whatever we want, whats the point of those things if youre just going to be by yourself, sleeping for an eternity doesnt seem like a curse to me, i gotta be thankful though, other people have it worse than me, but i fear that its not going to get any better soon.

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