How To Build A List With YouTube

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In this video I share how to build a list with youtube.

There are 7 ways to go about doing this.

1 — Have a YT Channel


2 — Create videos around popular topics in your niche.

Find other channels in your niche and make videos around their most popular videos.

Give it your own spin of course.

3 — Create videos around popular search terms

So if you are in logo design.

Type in the Search bar…

Logo Design A

Then take note of all the keywords that show

Then do the same thing with

Logo Design B

And keep doing that until go through every letter in alphabet

4 — Include a link in your description.

Duh — be sure to include the http

5 — Leverage YT Cards

Associate your website to your channel. Then link to your website through out your youtube video

6 — Leverage the end card

Again you can use the same tactic you use for the YouTube cards

7 — Comments on other channels

Leave comments on other channels that talk about your freemium that you offer.

So there you have it how to build your email list using YouTube.

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