Is This The Future Of Affiliate Marketing?

Let me give you a rundown of the 1999 way of making money with affiliate marketing.

You find an offer to promote

You grab your affiliate link

You grab an email swipe

You copy that email swipe

You paste that email swipe inside of your Aweber account

You replace the default link with you affiliate link

You hit send.

You make money.

But the year is 1999.

That does not work in 2016!

In fact, you’ll most likely end up in the spam folder.


Because every single want to be affiliate marketer is out there doing the same thing.

Look you can either be a robot in this business or be someone who can stand on their own two feet.

If you are just getting started with this game called affiliate marketing allow me to give you a quick tutorial.

Select your niche.

Build your one page website also known as a squeeze page.

Send traffic to your squeeze page.

As soon as a new subscriber joins your email list, give them the free gift or bribe that you was promising them.

Here’s why you want to do this:

By giving them the free bribe right away, it not only gives you the ability to build some immediate trust with your new subscribers but also gives you the ability to make sales, now after they get on your email list and got your free bribe here is what you do next.

Relentlessly follow up using email marketing.

But don’t just copy and paste thinking that is going to be your ticket to making money online.

There is a much more effective way of doing email marketing.

Stop copying and pasting someone else’s work.

And start writing in your own words.

Look I checked my stats.

I’ve sent about 43 emails (this one being 44) this month.

And let me tell you, I’ve made more money writing each and every single one of those emails.

Yeah they took time but so what.

Take this email for example.

I’m writing it right now live on a webinar.

One of the students picked the subject line.

All I have to do is craft an email, which as you can clearly see is not that hard to do.

Just like making money with affiliate marketing in 2016.

Its really not hard to do.

You just need the right system in place for doing so.

I created a system that can get you making money online following 3 simple steps..

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Isaiah Jackson