The truth about solo ads (and other traffic sources)

They are all a scam the newbies yell.

No seriously — that is all I keep seeing when I browse the forums and FakeBook now a days.


Because people are actually teaching that you can go out and buy 50 clicks and if you don’t make sales right away then the traffic you got is a scam.

I mean come on.

You can’t seriously expect to make sales from just a measly 50 clicks right?


Look — I don’t know who is teaching people this stuff but obviously they got no damn clue.

Okay fine here is the truth.

Solo ads or any other traffic source are NOT used make you money.

Yep, thats right.

Solo ads and other traffic sources serve a different purpose.

To get people on your email list.


That is all they are used for.

It is your job once they are on your email list to convert them into paying customers — and a lot of newbies actually struggle to do that (and I can’t blame them with all these snowflake like experts online now a days who watched a video but haven’t done anything themselves).

There is a reason why my previous coaching clients and current Email Villains will get results — its because they understand how to build an email list effectively.

And you know what? That’s exactly what I teach inside of Email Villains — how to build a profitable email business from scratch in 8 week so or less even if you’re a complete beginner. To discover how you can do the same, click the link below:

Isaiah Jackson