Why my co-workers hated me, boss loved me, company paid me

“Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself”

Harvey Specter 

This rings true regardless of what you are doing in your life and to prove it here’s a story for you. At any job I ever worked out I made sure the following three things happened every single day.

1) Show up early
2) Make sure the customers know your name
3) Be the last to leave

Its easy to do #1

But very few people will do #2 or #3 — but those who do, you know who they are. These are the people you look for when you go to that person’s job.

The result?

You make more money than your co-workers.

Get more time off than your co-workers.

Experience more freedom than your co-workers.

The result in business?

Pretty much the same, just the method of doing it is a bit different.

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Isaiah Jackson

Originally posted on isaiahmjackson.com.