Going back to Archlinux

After using OSX for two years, I am finally moving back to Archlinux. When I was using OSX, I was constantly tuning my brower tabs, so that it doesn’t use up all the 8G of memory; I have to constantly delete code and docker images so that I can have a few gibabytes of disk space to install npm, while xcode took 9G of diskspace and I’ve never used for like a minute, but it’s necessary to install ruby gems with native extension. I use slate, that’s the only application that I can prompt the browser or the editor or the terminal with just one key stroke, but it’s nowhere near a proper tiling window manager like awesome, it’s not a tiling window manager after all. I miss the days when I am using the powerarrow theme. I was no longer listening to music, because I don’t have enough memory to run iTunes (piece of sh*t), besides it takes million steps to import files, I just didn’t bother.

Why do I got a MBP in the first place? Well, the hardware is still the best, I gave a shot to lenovo x230, it’s just rubbish.

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