Hello Nike!

New Chapter

Today I’m excited to share that I’m joining Nike as an Entrepreneur in Residence on their Innovation Team. I feel so fortunate and humbled to join this amazing team.

This new role at Nike is an incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole life and have spent the past several years immersed in exploring new technologies, scaling companies and disruptive concepts like Lyft and the on-demand economy. I will forever be grateful for the opportunities I’ve had at Lyft, Intuit, and Neon Giant. I’m excited for the opportunity to take this knowledge into my next chapter at Nike.

That said, it is bittersweet to be leaving my agency and friends at Neon Giant, a full service agency | Innovation Lab I cofounded with Liam Gillies. I want to thank everyone involved with Neon Giant, and the many friends who helped build or contribute to what it is today. I am forever grateful for the experience and know you all will continue to do amazing things.

Why Nike?

Nike Air Penny II

I was first initiated into the shoe game at an early age as a kid with my first pair of Nike Air Penny IIs. It was honestly then that I knew I wanted to work for Nike one day. My lens of what Nike is, was formed from many perspectives and pivotal moments for me throughout my life. I grew up playing sports, collecting Dunks, Jordans, skateboarding, surfing, playing in bands. My interaction was not limited to only traditional sports. I was linked to the activities, interactions, subcultures, communities Nike connected with and honestly cannot separate the two.

Nike SB Lunar One Shots modern art-esque skate park

Nike, Converse, Hurley and Jordan’s commitment to pushing human limits have also been equally met in the music, art and counterculture world. Their contributions range from amazing collaborations with artists, designers, tour sponsorships to many other great mediums and concepts. Nike SB, and Hurley have also been actively involved in pushing their athletes to be the best and have proved to be a positive force on the community as surfing and skateboarding move more and more into the mainstream. It was through these continual reintroductions spanning across my youth that helped shape my view and beliefs of Nike.

Later on in life, Nike became a company I admired as an entrepreneur. The growth, learning, and upsets Nike persisted through early on as Blue Ribbon Sports is how Nike was born into existence. It’s an amazing story born out of passion, and survival.

Nike’s humble beginnings: overcoming Blue Ribbon Sport’s roadblocks and selling shoes out the back of a VW bus while pioneering the running world is the epitome of what startups that are truly world changing look and feel like. If you step back and look at Nike over it’s entire history you’ll see it continue to reinvent itself, innovate and pursue world changing goals. Nike innovates, recalibrates and then pushes forward. With each cycle, they’ve emerged a better, stronger and more conscientious version of itself.

Nike has started it’s journey on it’s next renaissance again and I feel humbled and honored to be part of it. “Nike’s moonshot ambition is to double its business while halving the company’s environmental impact. It has set three strategic aims to guide this work: minimize environmental footprint, transform manufacturing and unleash human potential.” Nike’s also fiercely committed to building a more inclusive world. Building a diverse, inclusive, workforce is a priority for Nike. They are guided by a firm belief that diversity fosters creativity and accelerates innovation.

It is because of this ambition coupled with their commitment to build a more inclusive world, and their history of innovation and entrepreneurship, why I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I am incredibly proud and excited to join Nike on this journey forward.



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