How Bad It Is To Drink Soda for Your Teeth

It’s the part of dental health lessons we get that drinking soda is bad for teeth. While some people get convinced about not drinking soda, some people find it hard to quite. Hence, they come up with different questions such as “does it matter how often you drink?” or “is diet soda a better alternate?”

In this short post, I am going to discuss how bad it is to drink soda when it comes to dental health.

What does soda contain?

Main ingredients in any bottle of soda include carbonated water, sweetener, artificial flavor and artificial coloring. The two ingredients (carbonated water and sweetener) are of the main focus when it comes to discussion about dental health.

Sweetener is usually sugar, high-fructose corn syrup or some other type of sweetening agent. And carbonated water usually contains dissolved carbonic acid which produces bubbles. There can more than one acid in many carbonated drinks. Carbonic acid alone makes soda extremely acidic. Imagine what the addition of ‘other’ acids can do.

Reason soda is bad for your teeth

Sodas contain high content of both sugars and acids. Both these items can individually be very bad for the dental health. Together, both can be disastrous.

The reason is that the bacteria in mouth feed on sugar. And when they get this ‘sustenance’, they produce acid which can destroy tooth enamel. Destroyed enamel means your teeth would be more vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay. So, if sugar comes along with the acid, the bacteria would definitely have much less task to do but they would still get active. The results can be more than disastrous.

As a matter of fact, dental communities commonly use the term ‘mountain dew mouth’ for the cases in which the carbonated drinks would do major damage to the dental health. In such cases, the condition of mouth resembles the ones which get damaged due to drug abuse.

The diet soda

Many people wonder if diet soda is less harmful than regular soda. Although it’s true that diet soda contains no sugar, the acid content is still extremely higher. And we all know how bad the acid can be for tooth and their enamel.

So, if we talk about diet soda being an alternative, it’s really not the case.

It’s not all about the teeth

Good oral health is not about maintaining healthy smile and power in bite. Good oral health also contributes to overall health. Bad oral health leads to gum diseases which can affect the cardiovascular health. The reason is that gum diseases can directly affect the immune system.

Apart from this passive effect, sodas can do fair amount of damage to the gastrointestinal tract. The acidity in sodas can increase acidity in the stomach. As a result, heartburn can occur due to acid reflux.

Summing up all, soda consumption is never an ideal way to rejoice the meal time. Green tea or other herbal drinks wouldn’t only be delicious but they may help you maintain your oral and overall health.