CNA Week 5 — World News, Jour — 220

China Deploys Missiles in South China Sea

Recently, Satellite photos taken on February 14 show two batteries of eight missile launchers. The presence of the these missiles will undoubtly increase tension in the South China Sea dispute. Mr. Wang, China’s foreign minister defended the presence of the missiles saying that China is “consistent with the right for self-preservation and self-protection…. under the international law”

United Nations chief encourages l eaders to sign climate change agreement

United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-Moon is encouraging world leaders to sign an agreement that will tackle climate change. The day the agreement is to be signed by its supporters is April 22. The secretary general has said that the participation of all leaders will keep the spotlight on climate change.

Death toll reaches 25 in suspected Russian attack on Syrian hospital

A hospital in Northern Syria was attacked recently. The hospital was hit four times in attacks that were only minutes apart. 25 people have been pronounced dead due to these attacks. Doctors Without Borders or otherwise known by the french acronym MSF has said they believe Russia is behind the attacks.

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