CNA week 6 — Politics, Jour 220

Donald Trump pulling far ahead of other candidates for Presidency.

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump, has pulled ahead of the other presidential candidates. Gaining 50 delegates from South Carolina and 12 from Nevada. Gaining a total of 79 delegates over all.

Ben Carson says Obama was “Raised White”

Ben Carson is currently taking heat in the media for saying that Barack Obama was not raised like a “Typical black male” explaining that Barack Obama was raised by his two white grandparents in Hawaii and then attending private schools most of his life.

Clinton and Sanders confront racial issues

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders confront race issues before the South Carolina primary. Sanders accused front runner of the Republican party Donald Trump and others of fomenting a “racist effort” to delegitimize President Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton also tried to appeal to the African American community in her speech.

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