Missouri state governor research — Jour 220

Jay Nixon is the current governor of Missouri. Jay Nixon was born is De Soto Missouri. He has wife by the name of Georganne Nixon and a son, Willson Nixon. He graduated from University of Missouri School of Law. Nixon began a career in private practice and was elected to the Missouri State Senate in 1986. After a few years in the state senate, Nixon ran for United States senate.He faced incumbent Republican senator John Danforth. He was unsuccessful however. Nixon lost in the election with 32 percent of the vote, to Danforth’s 68 percent.

Nixon’s political history is not without it’s road blocks and controversies. He was sued by state auditor Tom Schweich on August 26, 2011. He was sued for violating the state constitution by cutting spending on education and other services. Nixon won the dispute. He faced more controversy in November 2013 when Nick Marshal, a member of the missouri house of representatives and an outspoken republican said he would seek impeachment against Nixon for an executive order Nixon gave that allows same-sex couples to be married under the state. Despite all of the controversy, Nixon was not impeached.

After the shooting of Michael Brown; Governor Nixon was in the spotlight. He received much criticism and international attention. Many felt like he had not done enough to quell all of the rioting in Missouri. Nixon worked with the police during this time to establish curfews and disperse riot squads to keep order. Eventually, Nixon had to call upon the National Guard and declare a state of emergency in order to restore peace in the state. However, peace would not last very long. On Nov. 24, 2014 when the officer who shot Michael Brown was not indicted. Nixon is still working today to restore peace in the state.

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