After you find your the place you will be calling home, there will be multiple inspections that will need to be done. One of those are a termite inspection. There are a few different outcomes of a termite inspection and we will cover these below

First, and the best outcome, is that there is no evidence of any insects and there are no dead insects found either. This is the best outcome because this will show that the home has never had termites and there has never been any evidence of termite damage.

Second, there is evidence of insects, however, all insects are dead and there is no live infestation. This means that at some point, there may have been termites but it was treated and there is active damage happening at this time. While this may not be ideal, all problems have been taken care of and usually there is no recommendation for treatment.

Last, and this is the worst one, is that there is evidence of a live infestation and it will require treatment. This is where additional services for treatment will absolutely be required and it will be a SELLERS expense. While the buyer does pay for the initial inspection, the seller is responsible for any treatment for a live infestation. The seller must pay for the treatment as well as provide documentation at closing that it was completed by a certified professional.

The home buying process is always an exciting and scary time. I believe that everyone should own a home and reap the benefits of home ownership in their lifetime. I would love to help you or any of your friends or family members with their purchase and treat them like family throughout the process.

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