My take on Google Venture’s Design Sprint

Hi there!

Recently, I spent a few weeks learning about Google Venture’s Design Sprint from a very hands-on approach. I must say this experience was much more fun than I expected. When I thought I was just going to sit and write notes on this process, my professor decided it was best to learn as we were doing it ourselves — and he was right!

See my doodle below of what each day meant for this UX/UI noob (please comment and correct if wrong):

My take on the Design Sprint!

Day 1: Define

  • Identify the process to discover pain points (pre, during, & after)
  • Create How Might We’s, map them out, and decide what our problem to solve for this sprint will be

Day 2: Ideate

  • Use tools like Crazy Eights and Mind Maps to generate ideas
  • Start listing or sketch ideas to solve for the problem identified in Day 1

Day 3: Decide

  • Lay out all of your ideas from Day 2 on a board (preferably with stickies)
  • Use the dot-voting method to vote with your group on the ideas/features you’ll move forward with

Day 4: Draw

  • Draw an in-depth storyboard on the feature voted on in Day 3
  • Vote on storyboard that will that will assist them in accomplishing our goal for this sprint
  • Create prototype of complete user experience from beginning to end that will include ideas from your storyboard

Day 5: Test

  • Test your feature(s)
  • Interview users that will test your prototype and learn how it’s assisting or hurting them further