Social Media for Social Change

My late interest in how do people and myself use social networks for better or for worse is making me look closely on how is inspiring or disgusting others. A few weeks ago Hurricane Otto crashed the north side of Costa Rica leaving thousands of people homeless and a lot of damage in the way, countries like Nicaragua, Panamá and the island of San Andrés (Colombia) were affected as well by Otto. Luckily people like me who lives in the middle of the country in the area we called GAM (Big Metropolitan Area) did not experience any weather change nor rain, I went to bed safely and thankfully to be at my house and nothing happened to us, the day was dark but calm. When I woke up early on the next day my country was another one, my country had been cut into pieces, in that day Facebook had two groups: 1. The useless: I named it this way (I thought in another name but is not polite to write it) because they were the ones making jokes on how they expected the hurricane to hit (too many movies for them), I was so shocked so disappointed of those who uploaded memes and didn’t feel any sympathy or grief for others I was so surprised they have never been through any hurricane in their lives and the worst part is how they had the guts to posted online, and 2.The human beings: The rest of the country how uploaded photos and videos donating or asking for it in a good way, the amazing job RED CROSS did receiving food and donations, a number of authorized places to receive another kind of donations, the volunteers!!!!! everyone was helping and it was the best experience I ever had through Facebook on a catastrophe, the amazing great use of social media everyone did to help was so overwhelming, all together as brothers and sisters. After this I decided to unfollow and unfriend so many people, I do not want toxicity on my social media.

With this been said let’s think how many times Social Media has been used to informed us about any horror in the world: “Je Suis Charlie”, “Boston Marathon bombing”, “Boko Haram attacks”, “ISIS attacks” you named it the list goes on and on, but how many times has been used to make changes, to inspire others among wars and attacks… I want you to understand the impact you can make on Social Media if you decided to share and motivate the good stuff the ones worth because the youth is looking at you in one way or another and they have to see how positive and great can be using properly.

My history cannot compare to this one in the video (is a TED video from 2012 but it fits perfectly), is a strong and powerful history!!! How a simple post can change one person and then that person changes another one and so on, we should, we must keep doing this, this is about sharing and be humans, is our essence. Please take the time to see this video and let’s be the change, the change starts by one and that one person is you spread love to the world by using social media for social change.

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