Ikarus bus. By arsenixc, from Deviant Art

This particular morning, I was going to go to work when I realized my car was out of fuel. I knew I had to go on some type of public transportation, but the only problem was that ever since I was child I never wanted to go on any bus or subway by myself. I’ve heard too many terrible stories. I decided that maybe it was time to face my fears. I pulled my phone out and checked the bus times. There was one in two minutes. The bus stop was right around the corner so I ran toward it right as it parked in front of me. I gave the money and the location. “I made it on the bus”, I thought. After spending some time on the bus, I realized there was nothing to worry about.

Jessica Cauthon



Lonely Book Corner

I have been writing since I was 11 in 2020. I was inspired by the beginning of the movie Onward when it came to the past of having magic and magical creatures.