MPC Valedictorian — Aug18

You are the MPC valedictorian. Write your valedictory address.

This life is a journey in which we choose who we want to be. We’ve been gifted with a creative mind, with a creative heart and with straight that I’ve rarely seen elsewhere. Three year ago, we made the choice of studying in a program in which we can design our courses, design our degrees. But also we had the privilege of studying in a program in which we had the chance of being the designers of our future.

Always remember to stay true to your essence, to respect who you are. Each one of you, gave me many reasons to admire you, each one of you is a unique individual and that is what makes us a unique group. Be careful with what you dream, because it may come true. So Dream big, never settle.

The MPC taught me many things. I learned how important it is to be surrounded by positive people, by persons who add to your life. I learned that being me, as flawed and imperfect as I am, is a wonderful thing. I learned to embrace my strengths and to celebrate other’s . I learned that freedom comes with responsibility, to be truly free you have to be truly committed. I learned that your work speaks for you, and that your best presentation is a work well done. I learned to find beauty in everything, to find a resolution to every problem.

Dear peers, there are no word I can put together to express how much I believe in you, in your projects, in your dreams. So fly as high as you can. Never forget your roots, this program that made us the best versions of ourselves. this is our time.