Nigeria: the crowd and beyond

By: Isa Sanusi

Many people, across the world may only have known Nigeria as that ‘giant of Africa’; that is the source of scam emails, and Boko Haram. The latest update to the woes of this nation was another round of bombing of oil installations by a gang with guns. Over the last 6-years Islamists militants Boko Haram have killed thousands in the north, and rendered over a million people homeless. This bloodthirsty group has not yet been eliminated, but its capacity to take over towns and villages, and kill hundreds in crowded places had been largely clipped. Sigh of relief. Then came the uprising in the oil rich region.

Nigerians have been limping from one trouble to another. The oil rich country got not stable power supply. Everyday, the power supply from national grid is declining. The education system is dead. The health care system is so poor to the extent thay many people tend to resort to vendors of micracles and magic for cure of diseases. In urban areas, largely there is no water supply system: everyone has to find the water he needs. The roads are full of potholes and have become death trap. Over 80% of the 170 million people live in abject poverty. The housing deficit is (officially) 17 million. Jobless youths wander around. Corruption is everywhere. Also there is lot of optimism.

Nigeria’s population is rising and also its woes.

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