Training in modern music in Spain

Isabel Villagar
Jan 20, 2019 · 2 min read
Isabel Villagar, online vocal coach

By Isabel Villagar, vocal pedagogue

The world of music teaching has its particular idiosyncrasy, there is a musical training that is included in the compulsory education system (there is music in primary and secondary education) and another in private conservatories and music schools.

The professional conservatories that make an official offer of musical studies are limited to the formation of classical music between 8 and 18 years.

The higher conservatories offer university degree programs although they are not attached to the universities.

The officiality in the study

There is a large population that is outside the system and without the possibility of recognizing their competences because the artistic professions are not included in the national catalog of qualifications.

This lack of officiality allows the existence of private music schools so that those who want to acquire this knowledge pay for them.

The other aids that exist for students of other types of music other than classical music is scarce.

The other peculiarity in terms of training is that students tend to look for the best teacher, who meets their needs and offers the best price in their geographical area (or scope achievable with available means of transport).

The three tracks for the study of singing

People who want to learn to sing for now have only three ways:

1. Study lyrical singing officially and regulated in a public or private conservatory.

The career is six years of professional education and four years of higher education.

2. Study in a private academy or school based on their needs and the teacher’s abilities. There is no minimum curriculum nor a Spanish official degree.

3. Study in a particular way with a teacher.

Because the aspirations and trends and musical tastes are diverse we find that providing people interested in learning to sing from an a la carte and flexible service becomes fundamental.

The teacher and his adaptation to reality

The teacher has to know what are the essential and common things for everyone and to learn to sing in any style and then know how to adapt it to each personal circumstance.

They approach private schools: young people who have an interest in singing modern music, music teachers, music fans who sing in choral music, young people who want to prepare a test of access to professional education.

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