It’s All About The Right Choice

After I graduated from high school with high grades, there were two choices before me, university or my own business.

I picked the university, when I got the access to it, there were two ways to study, the first one is a science way and the other literature.

I took the science way because I thought that will be helpful for me and my future will be bright with science.

I studied the science way and by the end of my preparatory year, my grades were not a very good so it comes the choices again after a long time of struggling what I should choose I picked the English, now I am in my last semester and I will graduate by the end of it

So what I faced through all these years were choices, it was not good to be confused and you should deciding that from a long time.

Now I have my own business and I will graduate soon.

Every day brings new choices.
Martha Beck

Note that this is the first time for me to write an article.