DataCamp is great

Sep 11, 2019 · 2 min read

… but for me is it with 300$ to expensive.
I am studying at a private german academy and finishing in 2020 my Master of Science.

The first Datacamp course I made in 2017–round about three years ago. This time it was the course “Introduction to Python”

Since this time I did a lot of courses there.

But every year at the same time the offer for the 50% discount of the payment arrive in my Inbox. Every year I am hopefully to got this year the 50% discount — but I won’t ! It’s only for new Datacamper. So not for long time customers. I am so sad :-( Every year the same.

This year after earning last year the “Building Chatbots in Python” with RASA, I will say “Good bye Datacamp”.

I didn’t visit the Datacamp :-( Sorry for that, but I did a lot of other stuff like my M.Sc. And 300 Dollars are to much money just for training one year the old stuff.

Sure there are many good courses at Datacamp, but my life in the last year said. “You haven’t enough money and time” ….

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