Path to a Machine Learning Engineer

This is a easy but long way (my way) to Maschine Learning Engineer using free MOOCs to build you own career.

Many companies are sitting on mountains of data. None of these companies has so far appreciated these gold pieces. As long as until …. Machine Learning … the screen has entered. Millions of customer records are truly treasures!

Discovering Data Insights from data and ignoring noisy in data is one of the basics for an Data Analyst and Machine Learning Engineer. More than 20 years ago, I was one of the first to recognize the Internet as a new era.
Now another new digital age begins.

I’ll show you my way from ZERO to an Machine Learning Engineer with free MOOCs and beyond.

My goal is to work as a self-driving car Engineer by 2020.

Here is the way until then …. Where Do you wanna go today ?

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Machine Learning Engineer

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