Against all odds

Isekai Meta
5 min readJul 26, 2022

The day of the great summoning.

The faint outline of a summoning circle floats in the darkness. You hear Waps start reciting the names of each of the six runes. You wonder if this will work.


Summon sequence

He activates the runes one by one — bringing them to life, granting power to the circle. The air is heavy with magic — like an electric charge brushing against your skin. They gather within the circle.


He recites the last rune, and the circle glows brightly. The circle expands outward. You shield your eyes from this explosion of light as it swallows up the darkness, as it envelops the both of you.

‘Ohh… It’s happening? I see…’ You hear Waps calmly say.

A humming sound fills the air. Your body starts to feel lighter. Suddenly, the ground gives way and you’re floating. You hear laughter fill the space followed by the words ‘You have been summoned.’

Summoning circle

One of Isekai Meta’s goals, from the start, is to keep pushing the boundaries of this space — to continuously improve and innovate. We have done this with how we have built our community, our website, and now with our minting. We don’t want to settle on a run-of-the-mill mint; we want ours to be immersive, to let our community experience the magic of being isekai’d.

Our development team really did an amazing job with this. They have worked around the clock just to make sure our community will have a flawless mint experience. It was very heartwarming to see the positive sentiments coming from our holders.

Setting the floor

Isekai Meta intends to spark a meta of storytelling through Web3 using NFTs, which would allow the community to collaborate with us and with each other in new ways — and it starts from the collection.

The advent of Web3 enables a more collaborative approach to content creation. This has also allowed NFTs to go beyond merely visually beautiful jpegs, allowing for community building through new avenues of storytelling today in various mediums.

In order to get communities’ creative juices flowing, each Isekai NFT will also contain unique Factions/Classifications containing a set of unique traits. This is us setting the floor for the necessary foundations for the future of Isekai Meta.

Decentralized Building: Community traits

Isekai Meta has always strived to have a decentralized approach when it comes to building. This was evident very early in the project when they gave power to the community to organically build itself. We want to bring something new to the space and apply the same approach when it comes to how we will be producing our NFTs.

A glimpse of the Isekai Meta Factions

Introducing — Community traits. 95% of the Isekai Meta trait collection is already finished when we dropped. The remaining 5% was purposefully left as a blank canvas, we want to make sure the collection is personable to the community as much as possible.

Holders of our NFT will be able to propose final traits. These proposals will then be voted on by all verified holders, a way of giving privilege to our seed investors by being able to put a mark in the Web3 space timeline, forever. We believe this is an innovative way of building our project in a decentralized manner. Right from day one, we want our community to be part of the building process, even up to the actual collection at its core.

Isekai Meta is and always will be a community-driven project. If we are building this brand for the years to come, then we want to do it right, even if it means taking the necessary extra steps from the start. We are excited to see the new traits that the community will come up with. Stay tuned for exciting updates in the coming days.

Appreciation Week

To celebrate the completion of the great summoning, it’s time for a little memory and gratitude lane. One of Isekai Meta’s three core values is Appreciation and we want to highlight this with our Appreciation Week. This will start on July 26 until July 31.

From our mods, OGs, supporters, and the core members of our community. They are the foundations of this project. Isekai Meta will not be where it is today without them.

In this fast-paced space, we want to stay true to our ethos and set an example in the space by showing appreciation to the Sekai community. Join us as we do a quick recap of what transpired over the past six months, what we learned, what we’re proud of, and what we are excited about moving forward.

We highly encourage the entire community to do the same.

A shooting star appears in the brightness of the day. It flies through the clouds, crashing into the field below. You open your eyes to a bright, blue sky. A butterfly gently flutters by. You stand up, alone. To your left is a series of rolling hills, while to your right lies the woods. You see two girls peeking at you from behind a moss-covered tree…

You have ascended. And you’re not alone.